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We can finance equipment rental for:

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Rental Finance

Rentmax enables your organisation to keep up-to-date with constantly changing technology, ensuring your productivity is maximised.

Our rental finance solutions and software funding agreements enable you the flexibility to upgrade and downgrade equipment as required.

The range of computer fleet management packages we offer is specifically developed to provide the best finance facility for your situation.  Using a Rentmax facility allows you to efficiently manage your assets and guarantee you can upgrade your tech as new, improved hardware and software emerges.

This flexibility, alongside the certainty we bring to managing the costs of your IT assets, sets us apart from the competition. You’ll never have to worry about becoming obsolete or falling behind – we can assist with procurement strategies to enhance your operating cash flows and keep you ahead of the game.

Whilst renting equipment is cheaper than buying outright, these costs can add up over multiple items. Our rental finance option enables you to finance the cost of equipment to ease cashflow.

For businesses such as franchises, where a franchisor may have to fit out multiple locations or purchase bespoke machinery, rental finance is a lifesaver. Rentmax has you covered with an easy process to access finance that doesn’t come at a high cost and keeps your balance sheet in check.

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