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Rentmax financing options cover:

Finance Leases

Fleet Funding

Loan Agreements (Chattel Mortgage)

Novated Leases

Salary Packaged Car Loans

Dealer or Private Sales

Lease Back

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Vehicle Finance

We can assist companies, organisations and individuals in the acquisition of one to several hundred vehicles (under a fleet lease program).

We have experience with a broad spectrum of fleet sizes, makes and models, 4WDs and prestige vehicles. Using Rentmax to assist in the finance of vehicles is hassle-free and leaves you focused on more important tasks.

Choosing Rentmax means benefitting from the most competitive rates and the best deal for your situation and desired vehicle. Our strong relationships with lenders lead to better options and often fast-tracked approval.

We’ll take care of all the negotiating and allow you to compare your options, which provides time and peace-of-mind; an invaluable benefit when purchasing a vehicle. Our team will help you make the right choice for your car finance, every time.

How We Help

We are a specialist finance company servicing individual, corporate, and commercial clients across all asset classes throughout Australia.